Book Reviews

  • Living to Tell the Tale

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Autobiography “Living to Tell the Tale”

    GABRIEL Garcia Marquez, the Colombian Nobel-prize winning novelist, left behind one last gift for his readers and devotees before his death in 2013: his autobiography, “Living to Tell the Tale” where he recounts in his inimitable style his early life, particularly his beginnings as a writer, and the political landscape of his war-torn country.

  • Bangladesher Sthan Nam

    Toponyms of Bangladesh: Footprints of History

    Dara Shamsuddin in his book titled “Bangladesher Sthan Nam: Itihasher Padachinho” (in English it stands Toponyms of Bangladesh: Footprints of History) told us a story of how Bangla language, along with developments in allied areas such as social, religious, economic and political processes, has evolved in this deltaic regions through historical progression of actions and events.

  • Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

    Half Girlfriend

    Half Girlfriend is Chetan Bhagat's latest novel. Chetan Bhagat is one of the leading Indian authors of current time and some of his books have been turned into movies by Bollywood directors over last several years.

  • An Anthology of Bangla Poems

    An Anthology of Bangla Poems

    Helal Uddin Ahmed's “An Anthology of Bangla Poems”, coincidentally comprises carefully selected 68 translated outstanding poems that have been written in the last 68 years.

  • Classics Corner

    Dear readers and writers, we are going to start a corner titled “Classics Corner” where reviews from you on timeless Classics and very popular books published between 1900 and 2000 will be printed.


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