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5 interesting facts about Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Shahriar Rahman

1. Double Layered screen
This nifty innovation came after years of experiment that Microsoft was conducting in their labs. What it does is that it minimizes the parallax effect to almost zero. How did Microsoft do that? Simple: Just two layers of glass in the LCD!


2. The new charger doubles as a high-speed data port
To be blunt, the proprietary charger hasn't ever work for surface. This time Microsoft actually came up with the idea to build a charger that actually works a data port and you have to slide the connector in to the magnetize slot. The moment it's docked, the data port gets connected with the Surface pro 3.


3. It uses an active capacitive pen
If you are familiar with the Galaxy Note series by Samsung then this pen of Microsoft is no news to you. What the active part means is that you can hover over the Surface Pro 3 to move the cursor. It also has 256 different levels of pressure sensitivity.


4. Both cameras are 5 megapixels
Probably this is the only tablet in the world that has 5 MP cameras in both: front and back. Interestingly both cameras can grab videos @ 1080p. Great, right?


5. The speakers are on the front.
Unlike most of the tab in the market, Microsoft was wise enough to bring the speaker on the front. These stereo speakers will not make you put the tab top down; which time to time can get a bit annoying.

Published: 12:00 am Monday, May 26, 2014

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