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Ariq Masrur

DhakaSnob is a online directory site in Bangladesh. It's  a franchise running in many other cities i.e Ammansnob.com, karachisnob.com, joburgsnob.com.  Though this site went on air couple of years back, but with a new management it's now better than ever!
Starting with the menial stuff: the privacy policy or the terms of use lets me know how seriously the owner of that website takes that service. Both of these, located at the bottom of the website of DhakaSnob leads to  a blank page with“The requested URL /terms-of-use.htm was not found on this server.” There is in interesting one liner written at the very bottom of their website which states “All Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.” That's a doozy!
Coming to the good things: The website is fairly well designed. They used three different fonts; Verdana, Ariel and Georgia (probably), which normally would not match, however the color scheme for their site covers that up to the naked eye. All the pages in their site are consistent in terms of the theme and fonts, and this is a positive in my book. Interestingly some of the pictures I saw displayed as I browsed the site were not taken in Dhaka or even anywhere in Bangladesh, which is understandable.

Talking with one of the Admins of the site, Mr. Abbas Shahbazi  we came to know about Dhakasnobs expansion plan and current popularity. Let me point it out for your better understanding:

  •   The list only contains the finest businesses of Dhaka City. Businesses can't pay to be listed here.
  •  Dhakasnob.com comes on google top search result on every major keyword search, for example: best restaurants in Dhaka" best cafes in Dhaka" bakeries in Dhaka" etc.
  •  For free listing dhakasnob.com provides the name, number and location of the company. But if the businesses are featured then they can provide additional information i.e. pictures, menu, events and promotions. All they need to pay is a yearly and half yearly charge. They are as follows: Half yearly Tk. 63,500/- & Yearly Tk. 115,000/-
  •  dhakasnob attracts approximately 50000 visitors a month, who are looking for restaurants, cafes and bakeries etc.
  • I understand what DhakaSnob was trying to do, but considering google already has a ranking service for businesses worldwide, including Dhaka, the whole purpose of an “exclusive online directory” seems a bit redundant. However, based on their website design, and the overall theme i would give them a borderline 6 out of 10.

Published: 12:01 am Monday, May 05, 2014

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