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Art aesthetics on display at AFD

Shama Shaiom holds an exhibition

Fayza Haq

Shama Shaiom is an artist who has done a three-month course in Visual Art at Wimbledon, UK, after doing her post graduation from UODA.
Shama's exhibition opened at Zoom Gallery, Alliance Francaise on Friday. She says that yesterday's agony is best forgotten and the key is to move on in life. The artist, she says, should focus on the beautiful and inspire others. Talking about the soul of the sea, she adds, “Sea-shells have pearls, they nurture them within -- the snails have rhythm, very silent and sustaining. City life has its glory, its toil.”
She paints darkness after sunset, where the moon has its ebb and flow of emotions which influence human beings as well as the waves of the sea, she says. She marvels at creation and pays homage to the sublime quality of nature.  She admires Keats, Shelley and other romantic poets, who were eloquent on trees and birds.
The ongoing exhibition is titled “Ode to Beauty” and displays beautiful flowers like roses, lilies and carnations in various buoyant colours like pink, red, white, yellow and purple. Her work reminds one of “My Fair Lady” where ladies sell flowers for a living. She lays on her strokes with thickness and sometimes divides her work into three or four panels. She adds fabric glitter to enhance the beauty of the flowers.
“One is not creative unless one creates a Pablo Picasso world of cubism etc. or so it seems,” said Shahid Kabir, the main speaker at the opening function. “Beauty makes one forget the pain of life,” he added.
Shama's expressiveness recalls Vincent Van Gogh, who also used bold strokes and paints. For a woman to combine an artistic career with domestic responsibilities is no by means easy, and Shama exemplifies this truism, said Kabir .Painting can never be a business as it involves passion. One cannot do it half-heartedly, said the master painter. One must express what is within oneself, and must not limit oneself to the delineation of only flowers, he said. There are relatively few female painters and so one takes one's hat off to her. However, he said, “One must not paint merely in order to have an exhibition.”

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, August 24, 2014

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