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“Baset Miar Jomi” staged in Dinajpur

Kongkon Karmaker, Dinajpur
A scene from the play. Photo: Star
A scene from the play. Photo: Star

“Baset Miar Jomi”, a translation from a Leo Tolstoy story called “How much land does a man need”, was staged in Dinajpur recently.
 The play, staged at Dinajpur Nattya Samity Auditorium, was produced by Noborupee, a renowned cultural organisation of Dinajpur, celebrating its 50th founding anniversary. Shamim Raza directed the play.
Some 20 artistes of Noborupee, including Shawan Ahmed in the lead role, took part in the riveting play.
The play explores the life of Baset,  a peasant living on a small plot of land. When his wife brags that a peasant's life is safer than having money, because with money comes temptation, Baset agrees, adding that he would not be “afraid of the devil himself” if he only had more land.
Baset buys more land, but pays the price for his unbridled greed.

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