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Defining factors in Chandni's career

Shah Alam Shazu

National award-winning actress-dancer Chandni says she has had several defining factors of success in her career. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, she looked back at how they shaped her career.

First factor: Dance
“I've been involved in dancing from a very early age. I took dance lessons at Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA). I have given dance performances at a number of stage shows both at home and abroad. Later, when I started acting, I was able to emote better due to my dance training. So, the first turning point in my career is dance.”

Second factor: Films
“Although I appeared for a few movies, 'Dukhai' – for which I received the national film award, was a definite turning point in my career. I also won an award for playing the character of Jamila in the film 'Lalsalu'. Later, I acted in the movie 'Joyjatra'. The three celluloid projects are major achievements of my career.”

Third factor: TV plays
“I played the role of Runi in the drama 'Bandhan', directed by Afsana Mimi. The hugely popular play was a major success in my career.”

Fourth factor: Family
“Without my family's support and inspiration, I couldn't have reached where I am today. My mother, in particular, has made a great contribution to my success.”

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2014

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