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Ferdous Ara to perform today at IGCC

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Photo: Star
Photo: Star

Noted Nazrul Sangeet artiste Ferdous Ara is set to perform today at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC) auditorium, as part of the centre's regular cultural events. The artiste is hoped to perform a number of songs from Narzul diverse musical genre – Raga-based, Islamic, Kirttan, Shyama Sangeet, patriotic, songs based on foreign tunes, folk and Jhumur-ang songs at the event.
The artiste will set off the soiree with a raga-based song and wrap up with a kirttan presentation.
Ferdous Ara focuses on rendering lesser-known songs on a stage performance. An album featuring such songs is also in the pipeline by the artiste. The artiste will look to perform several lesser-known songs including “Naitey Eshe Bhatir Srot-e Kolsi Gelo Bheshey” (folk); “Kalo Pahar Alo Korey” (Jhumur); “O Tui Jashne Rai Kishori Kodom Tolatey” (humourous); “Sapuria Rey Bajao Bajao Banshi” (snake-charmer's song).
The artiste has selected the Islamic genre “Hey Namaji Amar Ghor-e Namaj Poro Bhai” to perform.
“The reason why Kazi Nazrul Islam is said to be the father of modern songs is because of his evergreen lyrics and ever-appealing compositions. He created several distinctive ragas and taals and varied musical forms that have enriched the realm of Bangla music,” said Ferdous Ara.

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