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Noibedya offers monsoon melodies at Chhayanaut

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Photo Courtesy: Mahmuda Tuli
Photo Courtesy: Mahmuda Tuli

With the theme “Emono Din-e Tare Bola Jaye”, cultural organisation Noibedya arranged a musical event on a rainy evening of June 19 at Ramesh Chandra Datta auditorium of Chhayanaut. Ali Ahmed, Chairman of Noibedya, spoke on monsoon melodies and its creators/composers including Panchokobi and other musical legends.
Artistes of Noibedya started off the event with a choral Tagore song “Neel Anjan Ghono Punjo Chhayaye”. Rabindranath Tagore had a special corner for the monsoon; many of his works feature the abundant natural beauty of the season, the romanticism and the serenity. A medley of solo with choral presentation of Tagore song “Aji Jhoro Jhoro Mukhoro Bador Din-e” was followed by Jeenat Ferdous Chhobi and others.
Among the solo artistes Farmin Islam sang “Abar Eshechhey Asharh”; Prantika Sarkar rendered “Amar Din Phuralo”; Ashish Sarkar presented “Eshechhiley Tobu Asho Nai” and Naima Naj performed the baitalik song “Emono Din-e Taar-e Bola Jaye”.
Prantika Sarkar led a chorus “Shawan Gageney Ghor Ghanaghata” that saw a medley of melody in various tempos. Afasana Ahmed performed a melancholic song “Bodhua Nid Nahi Ankhi Paat-e”, composed by Atul Prasad Sen.
The artistes also performed two choral Nazrul numbers “Esho Hey Sajal Sajal Shyam Ghana Deya” and “Ambar-e Megho Mridang Bajey” while Deepti presented a solo “Badla Meye” at the event.
The programme also featured performance of adhunik songs composed by legendary Kamol Dasgupta and others. Rubaiya Sayeed presented “Emoni Borosha Chhilo Sedin”, Jakir Hossain Tapan sang “Ei Rim Jhim Jhim Borosha” and Reful Karim rendered “Ei Meghla Din-e Ekla”, originally recorded by Hemanta Mukherjee. The programme came to an end with a duet song “Akash Eto Meghla” performance by Jakir Hossain Tapan and Asma Begum Rita.

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