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Playwright Sujoy Basak stands tall

Aminul Islam, Mymensingh

Dedicated theatre activist Sujoy Kumar Basak, who began his career as a playwright in 1993, has scripted around 70 stage plays. He has also written several tele-movies, screened at different venues in Mymensingh.

 Sujoy earned repute with his plays on burning social issues. His comedies on social evils also earned acclaim.

Starting off on an early career in theatre, Sujoy joined Bidrohi Natya Goshthi in Mymensingh town as an activist in 1992 and worked with senior artistes of the group for several years.

Later, Sujoy founded Jagoroni Natya Goshthi in 1994 and promoted many young talents in the theatre arena. Now Sujoy works under the banner of SB Media.

Some of the plays scripted and directed by Sujoy include “Shoitaner Bachha”, “Chorer Goshthi”, “Sheal-Shokuner Drishti”, “Noroker Shesh Shima”, “Rashik Chand”, “Manik Jor”, “Pichhi” and “Shatabdir Natak”.

Sujoy's tele-films that have been screened are “Annya Rakam Tan”, “Taar Podo-dhwoni”, “Sobar Apon”, “Poran Bandhu”, :Matlabbaz” and “Apar Mohima”.

“Romizer Dinkal”, a documentary on the use and abuse of power, written by Sujoy was also telecast by BTV in 2012. Another tele-movie “Amar Ami Naire” was aired by Bijoy TV, a private TV channel during its Eid programmes last year.

Sujoy said that he has acted and scripted some 20 plays and won the best performer award for his role in “Greftar” by Jahangir Akanda, director of production house JRD Vision.

“The enthusiasm of well-known theatre groups and cultural organisations will encourage new activists in this field,” says a hopeful Sujoy.

SM Ali Azhar, secretary of Bidrohi Natya Goshthi said, “Sujoy Basak is one of the most prominent theatre activists in Mymensingh region. He is a role model both for young talents and the senior artistes.”

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