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Sabbir The adroit actor-director

Shah Alam Shazu

Mir Sabbir has entertained audiences with his adroit acting for over a decade. Six of his plays are now being telecast by different TV channels. The actor has also turned director and one of his drama serials is now on air. In a recent conversation, The Daily Star talked to Sabbir about his many projects.


Give us a glimpse of your series “Noashal”.
Sabbir: My second directorial venture “Noashal”, now aired on Rtv, is based on my own story. It is a narrative of two families and stars several senior artistes.
What is the response of viewers to the serial?
Sabbir: I have received much acclaim for “Noashal” from audiences here and overseas. This is a great achievement for me as a director. Many have also complimented me personally.
How do you evaluate yourself as director  though you basically love to act?
Sabbir:  Although I enjoy TV direction much, I can't think of anything other than acting. However I feel my creativity gets an edge when I direct other artists to slip into their roles with ease on the sets.
Tell us about your first directorial venture.
Sabbir: My one-hour play “Barisal Bonam Noakhali”, with acclaimed artistes Humayun Faridee and Dr. Enamul Haque in the cast, was aired on ATN Bangla. It secured top position in the TRP ratings. After watching this, Faridee said, “If you direct more plays they will definitely be very popular.”
How did you decide to take to direction?
Sabbir: In my long career as an actor, I have worked with almost every director. I have learnt the ropes of direction, filming and many other things. It struck me that if a playwright can write scripts with paper why can't a director write with a camera? This is how I became a director.
Do share your experiences in the course of shooting a play in Qatar.
Sabbir: Directed by Mahfuz Ahmed, “Mago Tomar Jonno” was shot during a terrible heat wave. Although the temperature soared to 45 degrees Celsius, it is one of my favourite plays. It was also a rare experience as the play was shot in a desert and to portray my character I had to share the shot with a camel.
Any memorable moments when you first faced the camera?
Sabbir: At Hanif Sanket's popular TV show Ittadi, Sanket asked cameraman Anwar Hossain Bhulu to take the shot as I felt ill at ease. At one stage, he asked him to replace me but Bhulu somehow dealt smartly and I managed to do my role.
Any scary experiences on location?
Sabbir: Once, we went to a house in Munshiganj for shooting a play directed by Ananta Hira . The area around the house was flooded. At night as we went to bed, someone mentioned the possibility of snakes slithering into the house. I was sleepless that night.
What was the defining moment in your acting career?
Sabbir: I came into the spotlight through the serial “Bishkata” aired on ETV. I played the negative role of Akkas. Since then I have not looked back. The serial was directed by Ananta Hira.

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