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Tumi Je Amarey Chao A treat for Tagore aficionados

Zahangir Alom

Laser Vision has recently launched an audio album titled “Tumi Je Amarey Chao”. The album, featuring nine Tagore songs by Mahnaz Karim Hossain, is a special treat for Tagore song lovers.
Mahnaz comes from a musical family that includes members of the Zinga Shilpi Goshthi to pop singer Mehreen. Noted Tagore artistes including Ajit Roy, Fahim Hossain Chowdhury and Salma Akbar would often perform at their residence on her father Ataul Karim's request. Mahnaz soon became addicted to the genre and was determined to render only Rabindra Sangeet. She also took lessons in classical music for several years from Barkat Hossain of Sangeet Bhaban, founded by legendary Kalim Sharafi.    
The album opens with “Dhirey Dhirey Dhirey Bou”, urging the restless wind to blow softly at night, while the concluding song “Rodon Bhora E Bosonto” leads the audience towards the path of spring.
In between, some melodic skills are apparent in the other seven tracks. The track “Sokatorey Oi” has a soothing effect. The artiste has done justice to the tracks -- “Tumi Kon Kanoner Phul”, “Oje Maney Na Mana”, “Godhuli Gagoney Meghey”, “Abar Eshechhe Ashadh” and “Chand-er Hashir Bandh”. The title track zooms in on melody in diversity.
The USP of the album remains the confluence of the artiste's passion for melodious and her favourite Tagore songs. Her understanding of the notations is praiseworthy. Her renditions are a temptation to listen to her. Music arrangements for the album represent a blend of subcontinental and western instruments.
“The beauty of Mahnaz's vocal and rendition style surpasses many practiced vocals. It is her inborn trait,” writes renowned singer Dalia Nausheen on the flap of the album.
Noted Indian musician Durbadal Chattopadhyay has directed music for the album.

Published: 12:00 am Friday, July 04, 2014

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