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Zahid Hasan gears up for Eid

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Photo: Star
Photo: Star

Popular actor Zahid Hasan has taken on direction too. Four TV plays directed by him “Jongi Zahangir Bhalobeshechhilo”, “Ea Mon Hai Ekbar Duibar Neta Hote Chai”, “Suicide Saiful” and “Sakol Duar Khola”--will air  on several TV channels during  Eid. He will also be seen as actor in the projects.
“As I've always had a  thirst for acting, I developed a passion for direction too,” said Hasan, adding that he hoped the plays would be entertaining for the  audience.
“I've put in much  effort to play my roles to the hilt,” the talented artiste told The Daily Star.
Besides, he has acted in plays such as “Alal Dulal”, directed by Mir Sabbir. He will be seen playing the eponymous role.
The conversation turns to his Eid celebrations. As every year, says Hasan, he will share the joy of Eid with family members and childhood friends in his ancestral home in Sirajganj.
He loves Eid shopping, he says. He particularly enjoys hanging out with his childhood friends on the banks of Jamuna river in Sirajganj during Eid.
Eid day in Sirajganj is special, says Hasan as his mother stays there. The celebrations are even more special with his mother after the demise of his father. In addition, his wife Sadia Islam Mou, son Purno and daughter Pushpita will add more festivity to the celebrations, said the artiste.

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, July 27, 2014

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