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HOME.WORKS glamorising your home

“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home”

By Abida Rahman Chowdury
Photo courtesy: Home.Works
Photo courtesy: Home.Works

When your passion and your profession decide to merge, it makes for a prodigious and illustrious combination. Interior designer Umbareen A. Ihtesham finds herself in a similar situation as she partners with old friends and family members to bring to life a long cherished dream and it materialises in the form of a home décor store in Banani called Home.Works. Although she and her brother Anadilran had a small corner at the Banani Hallmark store, it had been their dream to open a store together and when an appropriate location came up in Banani, she, along with childhood friends Sameera and few others who went on to become partners in the business, put their heads together to realise this long-seated dream of theirs. Whilst one partner Farhan took over the construction plans of the store, another partner Nilufar designed the floral decked ceiling that greets customers once they enter the premises. It is a labour of love which is evident to all those who visit the store.

Photo courtesy: Home.Works
Photo courtesy: Home.Works

Home.Works places much emphasis on aesthetics and it is designed as such -- a floral ceiling welcomes you into the well-lit staircase that takes you into the store. A home décor cum consultation store, you will find a wide array of products here from candle stands, wall hangings, a long product line of fragrances (scented candles, oils, etc.), lamps, mirrors, vases, paintings, chandeliers, small home fixtures such as stools, cabinets, bins and so on. Their specially sourced mirrors and small kitchen cabinets sell like hot cakes. On offer also are kitchen accessories that include ornate cupcake holders, delicately designed spatulas, spoons and bowls. Table runners are matched with exclusive centre pieces for the dining table as well to add some oomph to your dinner parties. These are imported by the owners from China, Malaysia, India and Singapore. Not only does the store offer some unique products at very reasonable prices, they offer exclusive items that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else as they are painstakingly procured from different sources. Another unique selling point for the store is that they offer consultations for interior decorations, manage events such as birthdays and parties, take on landscaping projects and design rooftop gardens. If it is unique products you look for without causing a dent in your wallet then head over to House 8, Road 27, Block  K, Banani and find yourself splurging on the sui generis product line that Home.Works boasts.

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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