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Summertime fabulousness

By Sabrina Haq

Ah! Summer. No other season has so much of romance associated with it, particularly in the Western hemisphere where summer offers much-needed respite from biting cold that lingers all year round. While summer in our part of the world is fairly brutal, it does still offer moments of absolute magic.
Imagine feeling the cool, refreshing drops of rain on your cheeks; the sharp, pungent taste of raw mangoes on your tongue and the lascivious, seductive fragrance of jasmine -- summer is truly amazing in its own right. In spite of it all every fashionista worth her stiletto is well aware that without a little bit of preparation such moments of magic just might turn into moments of absolute manic.  
It would be a little hard to enjoy those raindrops when your mascara is running, leaving sooty black trails down your cheeks. So in order to enjoy the wonderfully eccentric Bangladeshi summer, read on as this week Star Lifestyle has put together the ultimate guide that provides solutions for all your summer woes!
During summer, humidity and heat wreaks absolute havoc on mind, body and soul. The best way to keep calm and go on is to choose fabrics that let your skin breathe. Cotton, linen and other organic fabrics are the best options in that regard.
In terms of style, this year clothes have taken an upward swing whereby silhouettes have become less form-fitting and more comfortable. Button-down shirts have returned in a big way, and so have maxi skirts and wide palazzo pants which are all the rage everywhere.

Maxi dresses are also incredibly popular and chic, not to mention comfortable. When paired with little shrugs these dresses could be your answer to beat the heat without having to compromise on style.
Crop tops and shirts with Peter Pan collars in a cheerful floral print are very cute and summery. Leggings in pastel shades are also hot at the moment when paired with white tops. Speaking of tops, roomy blouses in chiffon and georgette worn with a pair of skinny jeans is the epitome of chic and comfort, and could be the perfect thing to wear on those endless summer barbecues and parties.
Kurtas have taken a similar route; tight, figure-hugging silhouettes have been replaced by kaftanesque, diaphanous cuts, as well as shirt style cuts paired with roomy palazzo pants and skinny leggings with equal aplomb. Similar shapes can be interpreted for eveningwear; a jewelled neckline will add glamour and pizzazz to your ensemble.
Pastel shades are all the rage right now; especially colours like mint green, candy pink, lime yellow. Royal orchid has been predicted as the colour of 2014, and it has just the right amount of oomph and sophistication that is ideal for summery eveningwear.
In terms of footwear open-toed, flat sandals are back with a bang. Sandals with nude soles that are embellished with shells, pearls, crystals and other interesting details look classy and feel comfortable. Neon details are also very in; they lend a cool, futuristic touch to one's appearance.
Make up
Waterproof makeup is not a luxury but an absolute necessity during summer. Not only does it keep one looking fabulous all day long, it also brings a certain level of freedom, come rain or shine.
Sun protection is one aspect that cannot be stressed upon enough. Choose a sheer, lightweight formula that has a high SPF content to stay protected. Heavy, cakey makeup is a big no-no. Go for basic coverage that hides any imperfection and lets your natural glow shine through.
The latest CC creams, which have colour-correcting properties are a blessing as they conceal blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and redness, as well as provide medium to heavy coverage depending on your needs.
They also contain sunscreen which is an added benefit. For your lips glosses and stains in yummy, summery shades are great, these days some products offer tints for both lips and cheeks. Just throw one of these in your purse and you are good to go.
The idea is to keep your skin looking as natural as possible with minimum help from makeup. Nail polishes are having a bit of a moment, especially sorbet shades that instantly lift your mood. With these pointers in mind let your inner diva soak up the sun and let your fabulousness shine through.

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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