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    Drug court's verdict welcome

    All other drug adulterators must face justice

    IN a welcome judgment a Dhaka drug court on Tuesday awarded the highest punishment under the law to a pharmaceutical company owner and her two staff members for manufacturing an adulterated drug for children. Being the first case of such conviction, the court has thus set the stage for holding to account other spurious drug makers, the deadly impact of whose products is yet to be unraveled.   The convicted drug manufacturer, as the case statement goes, was responsible for the deaths of some 76 children due to renal failure following application of their brand of paracetamol syrup that contained a highly toxic ingredient. Though the tragic incident took place between 1982 and 1992, a nexus between the accused and the powers that be caused delay in the process of justice. Mercifully, it was an investigative report run by this paper in 2009 that the case, which remained in hibernation for some 16 years, reopened leading to Tuesday's verdict. The individuals punished were not the only ones dealing in deaths in the name of producing drugs. In fact, some five drug companies involved in producing such kind of spurious medicines were responsible for allegedly killing some 2,700 children...


Growth and governance: Making the transition

ONE striking feature of the results of the last Secondary School Certificate examinations may have escaped our attention. Nearly 10% of more than a million successful candidates secured the highest grades, leaving no way of identifying the top 1% or even the top 5%. Evidently, a deliberate policy of grade inflation in public examinations is undermining the merit system. This phenomenon is perhaps symptomatic of a decline in meritocracy, with a concomitant rise of mediocrity, in all aspects of...


Relics of the past

IMAGINE renowned poet Rabindra Nath Tagore seeking admission to the Calcutta Club, a preserve of the British, and getting rejected. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the legendary Urdu poet, receiving a similar treatment at Lahore's Punjab Club in Pakistan and Nazar-ul Islam at the Dhaka Club. In all these cases, the public outrage would have been difficult to assuage. The white rulers saw to it that the leading clubs in a country where they had ruled remained an exclusive place for them...

Marine resources in our maritime boundary

THE sea is a mystery to most people of Bangladesh. The waves, fish and ships are the ornaments of the sea. People love being at the sea beach and enjoy bathing in the sea and hearing the sound of the mighty waves. Bangladesh has won legal battles over the Bay of Bengal but how far do we comprehend the victory? How much do the common people know about it to cheer the achievements?   On July 7, the International Arbitration...

Transboundary water sharing

Rights and economics

SURFACE covers only 0.02% of the global water resources, comprising water in rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, etc. There are 263 transboundary lakes and rivers in the world. They carry more than 60% of river water and their basins cover 44% of the world's basins. The riparians have water-use rights. Significant increases in water demand have created conflicts in almost half of the shared basins all over the world. The co-basin water conflict between Bangladesh and India has also become...

Anomalies in district hospitals

WITH a very low income and high population, Bangladesh has outpaced many of its peers in social development indicators of similar per capita GDP. Improvements in some health indicators are remarkable, especially in reducing child mortality rate. Bangladesh has made dramatic advances and received the United Nations MDG award for being on track for reducing infant and child mortality. However, this overall progress in the health sector has not been equally realised throughout the country, rather regional variations are high...

Clothes to die for

The celluloid rendering of South Asia's worst disaster since Bhopal is arguably more hideous than what was portrayed to the world in April 2013. The cakewalk electoral victory of Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League doesn't lessen the enormity of the tragedy -- the 1,200 deaths in the collapse of the high-rise Rana Plaza, the centre of an intensely exploitative garment industry for Western clientele. The details, as exposed 15 months later, are no less graphic and gut-churning than...



Letters To The Editor

US's role in Palestine crisis

The greatest hoax of the millennium is Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barak Obama's role in and his recent comments on Gaza issue. The whole world knows Anglo-US axis is the creator of the Israeli state. His offer of mediation is also a great mockery. In the previous millennium, US mediation has made the Palestinians captive in their homes as they lost their leaders; and US roadmap led them to a bleak future. Let us condemn all those barbarians and their...

Letters To The Editor

Potholed roads and highways

  The roads and highways of our country are full of potholes and patches which can be rightly compared with a ragged quilt. Why did the authorities let the roads reach such a pitiful condition? The homebound passengers will certainly face ordeal as they will travel to their destinations. Moreover, they are being charged extra money for tickets. We hope the authorities will do something promptly to mitigate the woes of the passengers. Zabed Wali Chittagong

Letters To The Editor

Anti-chemical drive must continue

We appreciate the recent drive of DMP against chemical-tainted fruits. People are now more aware about what harm chemicals in fruits can cause to our health. The drive should continue. DMP should also run anti-chemical drives in the kitchen markets. Shafkat Rahman BIAM Laboratory School Dhaka

Comments on news report

“Sundarbans tolls taken by robbers,” published on July 20, 2014 Reza Noor Muin Deploy army against these forest criminals.   ***** “Trip to serve 3 purposes” (July 20, 2014) SM How could both Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia go for Umrah/Hajj every year and who knows how their tickets and other costs are paid? Well, they have to have honest earnings but when they lead a corrupt regime, their earnings can't be legit. Deep Purple Blue Tarique is making strategic decisions for BNP! Allah save BNP! ***** “Can prisoners of...

Letters To The Editor

Published Date: July 23, 2014
Muslim leaders' inexplicable silence

The way Israel is attacking Palestine is simply awful. Nearly 600 people were brutally killed including children and women. But most of the global leaders are silent about this genocide. Even the leaders of the Muslim countries have failed to take any significant steps to stop this massacre. It is understood that the allies of Israel will act in favour of Israel. But why are the Muslim leaders silent? Dr. Md. Sayedul Hoque Baitul Aman Adabar, Dhaka  



Published Date: July 23, 2014
Public servants' falsifying FF certificate!

THE government by having revoked the false freedom fighters' certificates that 35 public servants had been using over the years to illegally occupy different official positions and draw benefits illegally from the public exchequer has taken the first step towards holding these fraudsters to account. But considering the gravity of their offence, the government should not rest content with merely removing them from office.  They should be made to refund the money they have so far illegally taken from...


Published Date: July 23, 2014
So it's media's fault!

THE communications minister asserts that 80 per cent of the highways are in good shape adding that media has published three-year old pictures in an apparent bid to underplay the progress in the road repair work. We find Mr. Quader's statement unfortunately lacking in depth. If he is so sure that the media is reusing old photographs, let him furnish these as proof of such misrepresentation. Then media will admit its mistake. This is the least we could expect...


Published Date: July 23, 2014
Tajuddin Ahmed: Our history maker

Tajuddin Ahmed: Our history maker

TAJUDDIN Ahmed was a man of history. He understood the nuances of history. He was able to analyse history in all the forensic details that such analyses called for. Of greater importance than all this preoccupation with history on his part was his own role in the making of history. Between 17 April...


Published Date: July 23, 2014
Remaking Iran

IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani recently marked the end of his first year in office not only with smiles, but also with further evidence of his efforts at domestic reform and geostrategic reorientation. In Iran's case, these two imperatives have long gone hand in hand. Rouhani now says that Iran would be willing to work with the United States in Iraq. The dire threat to both Iranian and US interests posed by the Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State in Iraq...

Published Date: July 23, 2014
Pathway to a hunger-free Bangladesh

HISTORY has shown us that when conditions are right, famers have consistently responded with dramatic improvements in productivity growth. How will we feed 9 billion people by 2050 when there are already 870 million hungry people in the world today? It is estimated that even if large farmers increase their production by 20% by 2050, smallholder farms will need to more than double their current production in order to feed a growing population. Small farmers are always linked to the...

Published Date: July 23, 2014
Will the BRICS Bank and Fund boost Global South?

THE 6th Summit of the BRICS took place last week in Fortaleza, Brazil with two landmark decisions, viz., to form a BRICS Bank and a Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA or the BRICS Fund) and bring them into operation by 2016.Initiated in mid-2009, BRIC became BRICS in 2010 when South Africa joined Brazil, Russia, India and China to form a grouping of 5 large emerging economies.  The key objective of the grouping was to have a bigger say in the...


Published Date: July 23, 2014
Development of maritime law & UNCLOS

THE progressive development of international law through the restatement of existing rules or through the formulation of new rules by the Tribunals and Courts has been a continuous process within the comity of nations. The interpretation and application of maritime law of delimitation have been expounded by the International Court of Justice and Tribunals, although the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provides a general guidelines of delimitation under Articles 15 (territorial sea) 74, (delimitation of EEZ)...