McLaren births twin screamers

British supercar maestros getting ready to roll out two new models to take the fight to the Italians.


8 tips on how to win dirt-track racing with almost any car

The 2015 Bangladesh Rallycross organized by CEMS last week was the second of its kind. Some cars aced it. Others were beached like a whale. Others were sliding off trying to regain control. Here are

Test Drive

Sharp suited: 2011 Toyota Vitz RS

The Vitz, also known as Yaris, always did what it was asked but had limitations. It just wasn't cool. It was a toaster with a couple of added features. So what happens when Toyota adds an RS badge?


Shift at Nitol-Tata Rallycross Championship

If you follow Shift religiously and happen to think we're the bomb, be sure to drop by the second installment of the Nitol-Tata Rallycross


Sun, Dirt, Fun

Last year's highlight event for the Bangladeshi car enthusiast crowd was definitely the Nitol-Tata Rallycross Championship. It featured

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