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Excel with ULAB's 'Skills for Life'

Arman R. Khan
Last year's 'Skills For Life' programme was a big success.
Last year's 'Skills For Life' programme was a big success.

In our country, high school graduates seldom get the opportunity to start preparing for their future via advanced summer courses arranged by reputable universities. Usually, we just sit back for long months after our A-Levels or HSCs are over, doing mostly nothing productive. As a result, we aren't able to “think outside the box”, or in this case, outside the textbook. But in order for us to become innovators in a world that constantly demands creative thinkers, it is very important for us to gather additional knowledge and skills.
That's where University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) intervened, and introduced summer courses for high school graduates who have just recently taken their HSC or A-Level exams. Under the campaign called 'Skills For Life', ULAB offered skill-grooming courses for the first time in 2012, and allowed 120 young minds to partake in this campaign. After a successful campaign in 2012, ULAB brought back 'Skills For Life' in 2013 too, for the same number of young adults.
This year, 'Skills For Life' is being held for the third time by ULAB for A-Level and HSC students at the university's campus in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. This time, a total of 14 courses under three categories will be taught over a period of four weeks. The categories are: Learn & Grow, Create & Express, Protect & Serve.
Under the Learn & Grow category, students will be taught various skills, such as Language Skills and Social Public Skills. The students will also be counselled on their careers and how to choose the best career for them, as well as how to understand the monetary matters of our society. One course in particular has grabbed my attention, and that is Flash Fiction & Graphic Novels. This means the students will learn how to write short fictions and create graphic novels. Moreover, a Presentation & Public Speaking Course will also be conducted. This course will help the students to get over their fear of public speaking, and express themselves in the most effective manner.
The second category, Create & Express, offers a deeper understanding of matters related to media. You will get to know about effective blogging and how you can utilise the electronic media. Similarly, if you're interested in print media, you will get to learn the ABCs of magazine publication. The students will also get their hands on the basics of web designing, which is always a very demanding skill to have.
But wait, it doesn't stop there. Since DSLRs and smart-phones are the “in thing” now, the students will also get the opportunity to explore the territories available through these in the creative sector. Pathshala will collaborate with ULAB for two courses on photography, and movie-making with cell phones.
Thirdly, the Protect & Serve category will allow the students to become conscious and active citizens. There will be one course on Traffic Awareness with the Bangladesh Metropolitan Police, to help the students know and be aware of the traffic laws. The course on Disaster Safety with Fire Service & Civil Defence will teach the students to be prepared in times of hazards, and to deal with them cautiously and properly. These are issues that many of us are unaware of, hence will indeed be helpful for the students. The Center for Sustainable Development will also hold classes on Sustainable Living.

Now, the interested minds may wonder if the courses will be affordable. Great news: The courses are completely free of cost! You only need to pay Tk 500 for registration. Due to this enticing offer, ULAB gets loads of applications. However, the number of seats is limited to 120, hence ULAB will select the participants from the big application pool, who will then get the golden opportunity to learn from the experienced personnel in the sectors mentioned.
 The entire 'Skills For Life' campaign has been designed so as to aid the students to become better thinkers in addition to the text-book knowledge, and thus make them more well-rounded and better citizens. Registration for this year's 'Skills For Life' has already commenced from June 10 and will continue until July 20 at ULAB's campus on weekdays during office hours. The classes will start from August 7.
The 'Skills For Life' campaign is indeed unique and desirable for the young leaders of our country. Don't let anything hold you back from applying for this reputable university's campaign for HSC and A-Level students. This opportunity is too good to miss.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, June 26, 2014

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