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Feathers and Ribbons

Mashiat Lamisa

Feathers and Ribbons is an accessories shop that started its journey back in 2012 with handmade bow clips that cost less than Tk 40. They also have bows which can be used as brooches and hijab pins.
The shop has key rings and lockets of the ongoing hypes like “The Fault in our Stars”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Harry Potter”, football clubs and even superheroes. One thing that stood out was the TFiOS locket with the viral “Okay? Okay.” quote.  
“I bought all the lockets from 'The Fault in our Stars' collection of Feathers and Ribbons because as much as I love the book, those lockets captured the essence of the quotes,” says Armin, who is really happy with what she ordered. “I'm so happy that there's one shop which understands my undeniable love for the TV series 'Arrow' and has made a customised locket of it so perfectly that I wear it like, everyday!” -- says Asma, a girl in love with Oliver Queen.
They even brought in customised inscription lockets made of steel wires. There's a Deathly Hallows locket from Harry Potter made out of wire which was very well received.
Sunehra Tasnim, the owner and founder of the shop, makes all the products herself. She is a student of Viqarunnisa Noon College and making accessories is more of a hobby. “I absolutely love making these when I'm not studying. It feels fantastic when I see my friends and so many other people wearing things I make and giving them as presents to their loved ones. I hope I can continue working like this and make Feathers and Ribbons as big as it can get!” -- says Sunehra.

Link to the shop: www.facebook.com/FeathersRibbons

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, July 10, 2014

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