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Naveed Mahbub and Yamin Khan at Coffee Republic

Fatimah Akhtar

Good entertainment paired with good food; who can say no to that, right? I got my first taste of standup comedy and a really good cup of Hazelnut Latte at the newly-opened Coffee Republic in Gulshan, Dhaka. On May 9, the coffee shop hosted a small show featuring Naveed's Comedy Club. It was organised by Star Service management, as an initiative towards developing entertainment media in Bangladesh. The show time was at 9pm with the price of the tickets fixed at Tk 300.
The show was delayed until the seats at the coffee shop filled up, and once they did fill up the room began pulsating with the sound of Daft Punk's “Get Lucky”. Naveed Mahbub was introduced first and his initial routine was to interact with the crowd, engaging them with his good-natured teasing. As the first performer he also introduced Yamin Khan to stage. Khan followed up strong but the act was not as daring as Mahbub's. He didn't emphasise on interacting with the crowd as his predecessor had. After Yamin Khan, Naveed Mahbub again took the stage with an act that was weaker than his former one but still hilarious, nonetheless.
The show had begun with the crowd having only a slight interest in the show; but had ended with the whole crowd laughing in unison. The guests were served with complimentary drinks mid-show and I personally cannot stress enough over how the food was both cheap and actually good. Coffee Republic is set to host further shows such as this all throughout the month and I can assure you I'll be in line to buy a ticket.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, May 22, 2014

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