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The Zest of 'Orange Theory'

Labiba Mustabina

Some brilliant mind once anonymously stated “Life is too short to wear boring jewellery” and amen to that! There are many definitions of jewellery; to men, it is nothing but pieces of rocks and metal that women crave for and thus essentially a route to a woman's heart. However, to women, jewellery is more than shiny trinkets. Every girl yearns to own jewellery that is a reflection of their personality, pieces that exude individualism, pieces that depict a story. If you've ever been on the lookout for the kind of jewellery that goes beyond being merely an accessory, 'Orange Theory' is the way to go.

Orange Theory believes in taking the tiny details of life capable of sparking a gleam of happiness in us and moulds them into elegant pieces of earrings, rings or pendants. What sets it apart from other jewellery lines is its ability to incorporate elements from literature, art, movies, nature and almost everything else that encompasses our everyday life.

The glorious jewellery line of Orange Theory uses simple metal motifs to capture the essence of beauty in nature, whether it is the elegance of a peacock, the pouring clouds of monsoon or the quintessential butterflies of spring. It also touches the more serious issues of our community, like the need for secularism and co-existence with a necklace that pieces together the symbols of every religion. While some designs are bits of geometric finesse, others are symbolic of the indispensable elements of our daily life, whether it is the symphony note earrings, the technicolour retro 'TV' ring or the envelope ring which takes us back to the days of letters and mail.

Orange Theory beautifully incorporates art in its van Gogh pendants which portray 'The Starry night' and 'Cafe terrace at night'. When it comes to literature, it has hand-picked the best designs to exude the essence of it. This includes the 'Pride and Prejudice' pendant, the 'Feluda' pendant and pieces that pay homage to Rabindranath Tagore. The television and showbiz world being our everyday obsession, Orange Theory has pieces featuring the revolutionaries of it: heartthrob Johnny Depp, the queen of sheer classiness Audrey Hepburn and the evergreen duo Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen in the song 'Ei poth Jodi na shesh hoe…'

In all its beautiful creations, Orange Theory does not forget to accredit our homeland. It highlights various aspects of our busy city life using Hatirjheel and the unforgettable 'Baby Taxi' as well as preserves our history in pieces featuring our national flag and Bangla alphabets.

Anika Mariam Ahmed, creative head and owner, on being asked about the journey of Orange Theory, said, “I am a visual artist and I wanted to design jewellery for a long time. I love to wear jewellery and Orange Theory just comes naturally from that. It started off as a clothing line; I started hand painting clothes which you wouldn't normally find in stores. On being encouraged by my friends, I put it up on Facebook to which the response turned out to be really good. It later developed into a jewellery line. Nature, people, feelings of love, nostalgia, freedom and camaraderie, inspires Orange Theory.”

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2014

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