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Rafi Hossain

If there is one brand that we closely associate with beauty, its Lux. They've been around for a long time, 50 years to be exact, since 1964. And they've always made it a point to associate themselves with top celebrities around the world, including in Bangladesh. The first Lux ambassador of Bangladesh was film actress Kobori, followed by Notun, another celebrity from the film industry, Olivia, Moushumi, Nipa and many others. Lux also made the top performance talents from television their brand ambassadors, including Subarna Mostafa, Chompa, Shakila Zafor, Shamim Ara Nipa, Shomi Kaiser, Bipasha Hayat, Afsana Mimi, Sadia Islam Mou, to name a few. The last Bangladeshi brand ambassadors of Lux was Mehzabien, the winner of Lux-Channel i Superstar two years ago. But, there hasn't been a new brand ambassador every year. Being a lux brand ambassador is a big thing to celebrities, and that is wholly due to the image that Lux has created for itself in the world of fashion, beauty and glamour globally – but, the brand has not been regular in selecting an ambassador in Bangladesh every year, and as a result, we do not have 50 Bangladeshi faces of Lux for the last 50 years. Early on, the strategy of Lux had
been to associate itself with the most loved and the most popular talent of Bangladesh. But, there was a complete shift in Lux's strategy ever since the Lux's 'Superstar' contest started in 2005, and they began to turn the winners of the contest into Lux's brand ambassadors. What a leap into the heart of the glamour this was for these unseen and unknown faces – who, almost overnight, became one of the most sought-after talents. What is most interesting is, in case of either strategy, both before the Superstar contest and after, Lux did not always choose a new Bangladeshi ambassador every year. Sometimes, the Indian advertisements would be slightly modified and dubbed for use in Bangladesh, depriving the local talent of the opportunity of becoming Lux's ambassador for that year. While there obviously are many corporate and brand communication needs of Lux behind this reason, which we do not know about, this is somewhat confusing to me. Let me try to explain why. If Lux is not making their own winners (of the Superstar contest) their brand ambassadors in certain years, is it safe to assume that they are simply not good enough to be a Lux ambassador? Then why are they are the winners? Even more importantly, and I say this because Lux's Superstar contest is THE premiere event of Bangladesh that hunts media talent, there needs to be a focus on the fact that beauty cannot be solely defined with the symmetry of someone's face, their smile, or their overall physical appeal – all of these are undoubtedly imperative, but they must be compounded with some intelligence. That is how demanding the media world is. Or else, these talents winning the contest will vanish from the public eye completely. It is only those who are both truly beautiful and has the capacity to internalize the skills to make a place for themselves in the media that deserve the esteemed position of being Lux's Superstar! We hope to see many more Lux Superstars who are both beautiful enough to be Lux's brand ambassador, and smart enough to carve out a niche for themselves in the diverse world of acting and show business of Bangladesh. It's an ambitious expectation, but if we can such high expectations from anyone, we can have it from the house of Lux!


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, May 17, 2014

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