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By Rafi Hossain

Once every four years, we are reminded that football is more than a game. It is a global phenomenon evoking more emotion and spirit than any other spectator sport, and a country in which you see this most visibly in is Bangladesh. If acts that render you speechless, like the 59 year old Amjad Hossain of Magura selling his land to make a 3.5 km German flag isn't enough, and if fistfights between rival team's supporters and the three crazy fans who died hanging Argentina flags (thanks to the city's deplorable state of electric wiring), isn't bringing the extent of fandom home for you, then all you need to do is go to your roof and look out. The horizon is filled with flags Argentina and Brazil flags, with one or two German flags here and there. There is absolutely nothing else occupying the public mind space for the four weeks of World Cup Football, and we at Star Showbiz decided that we just cannot ignore a global event of such scale and fervor. But what were we to do? We talk about movies and the people who make them, the people who star in them – our world circles around the silver screen, television productions, glamour and celebrities. Celebrities! That's the word that led to the end of our search about what we could feature on the cover. Football stars, are, in fact, stars! They make the same kind of money and live the same kind of luxurious and dramatic life as movie stars (and they are in way better shape!). Football players command more screen time in comparison (considering television), and many footballers have been in movies (including Pele in 1981's Escape to Victory). They capture hearts the way movie stars do, and to a lot of women around the world and in Bangladesh, many footballers are better looking than Hollywood celebrities. I mean, seriously, which girl reading this has not seen and kept staring at the Vogue cover of June 2014 featuring Ronaldo and Irina Shayk? The love for football transpires from the game to the players, to their glamourous lives, and to the wives and girlfriends by their sides who are just as glamorous and well-known (Shakira really steals the show in this respect). So, for this special issue of Star Showbiz, we picked the most glamorous topic to present to you this week surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup – its hottest couples!
Also, for a rundown on the best football flicks of all time, check out page 10 of today's issue.


Published: 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2014

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