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From Modeling to Acting

Rafi Hossain

I didn't have the opportunity to see K. M. Mithu's first film, 'Gohiner Shopbo' despite him sending tickets and inviting me again and again, unfortunately, I just didn't have the time. But now that his second film (Jonakir Alo) has been released, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to watch it. I had an added interest this time around, especially because of Star Showbiz. Since I know about Mithu bhai's skill as a painter and about his aesthetic sense, the fact that he has own an important award, and also his association to filmmaking (filmmaker Alamgir Kabir was his uncle), I think I had entered the cinema hall with very high expectations, but I was let down by the film. It seemed to me that he tried to create a mainstream film, but he also tried to tell a different story, and in that respect, he was being experimental. To me, the experiment was not successful. The story did not come to life, and the casting did not fit the characters properly. The story revolved around the character played by Bidya Sinha Mim (Kabita), who could not really embody the characteristics which the character demanded from her. The supporting cast could not lift up the movie either. The casting was really crucial; especially since the story was experimental – versatile actors were needed to play such complex and demanding characters of life onscreen. I must say that Mim is very lucky to have found such a platform so early (largely owing to her popularity from Channel I - Lux Superstar). Mim has the right ingredients to be a very good model, and she looks great in front of the camera, but given how she has risen from in front of the still camera to the silver screen, perhaps she has not had the time to properly invest herself into the craft of acting. Just like modeling, acting requires its own learning, study and practice. And this is the main flaw in the design being followed in our media by models that are turning into actors. Becoming a good actor is a lifetime's pursuit, and while it is okay to begin to act while pursuing that craft, one should learn the basics before he or she begins to act. Even more importantly, actors need to grow over time, learn from their experiences, and build themselves up with each role they play. If they don't, opportunities to play interesting roles are squandered, and the chance to become an acting icon is wasted. It seems that Mim wishes to establish herself as an actor, but to do so; she must be able to truly devote herself to the craft of acting, and be patient. Because becoming a celebrity for a day is easy, but becoming a true good actor who is remembered beyond one's life takes hard work, diligence and true love for the craft.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, May 31, 2014

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