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Hidden studio number one

Faridur Reza Sagor

Continued from Vol 01 Issue 36

Moulana Bhashani
Moulana Bhashani

After the inauguration of the large TV station at Rampura, the very first telecast was from studio three. The show was a programme on Moulana Bhashani's death anniversary. Television usually telecast programmes commemorating death anniversaries of respected people. There was a time when, even if a TV official had died there would be a programme. Having a programme for anyone passing became a burden, so it was decided that a note of condolence would be announced on the news. It was a time when many who were behind the camera were also often on-camera. There was even a drama in which all TV officials took part. Male lead was played by Barkatullah and female lead was played by Sakina Sarwar. Now time has changed everything. All TV staff now stays behind the camera, though there are exceptions.
Abdullah Al Mamun is not an employee of BTV, yet he is doing many works, both on and off screen. Ali Imam is involved with BTV and also doing much work. Programme producers have come out of the concept that studio is needed for shooting – it can be done anywhere. At the same time, film industry took the idea of taking the camera outside amongst general people. Short films were produced showing simple things that people do.   

A.K. Fazlul Haq
A.K. Fazlul Haq

There was a time when it was unthinkable to take the camera outside. The main reason was technical limitations. During the DIT office days, suddenly the programme principle realized that it was the day of AK Fazlul Haque's death anniversary. No programme on Fazlul Haque was telecasted that day. The studio was already deigned for a weekly drama. And it was no way ready for any host to sit with three others and have a conversation about AK Fazlul Haque. If it was today, the producer could've setup table and chairs in his living room and recorded the programme – it was unthinkable in those days. So, the important officials met urgently. Responsibility was given to Syed Siddique Hossain. Along with programme assistant, Rezaul Karim he decided that the programme on AK Fazlul Haque will be recorded at newly built Rampura studio. Within two hours, AK Fazlul Haque's portrait was drawn on a board, and it was taken to Rampura by a truck. A portable VCR and two cameras were taken from news department. It took time for Rezaul Karim to describe the location of Rampura studio to the programme participants. With sun-gun lights, the recording began.
Rampura TV has a lot of studios. On the second floor, studio 4 is adjacent to the control room, from which news is telecasted. Programme announcements are also done from this room. Two studios are on the ground floor: studio 2 and 3. Usually, musical and discussion programmes are recorded at studio 2. The largest of the studios is number 3. Everyday studio 3 changes its face – almost every day new drama sets are designed here. It becomes an obvious question; where is studio 1?
Entering Rampura TV station, one will notice a locked gate. This locked room has to be entered through studio 2. This room is used as a store room, which is actually studio 1. It was supposed to be used as a VIP studio. For some reason it was never used as a studio. Later, an auditorium was built at Rampura. The auditorium is used for magazine shows and voice recording.    


The writer is Managing Director, Channel i
To be continued...
(Translated by Zia Nazmul Islam)

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