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Meghdut, the cloud messenger

By Faridur Reza Sagor
Abdullah Abu Sayeed hosting a magazine show
Abdullah Abu Sayeed hosting a magazine show

Continued from vol 01, issue 48

It is surprising that Dr. Anisuzzaman doesn't take part in any TV shows when we have so many of them. In the early days of Dhaka television he was involved in many programs, some of which were not even literature programs. “Kaaler Shonchoy”, one of his programs was produced by Abdullah Al Mamun. The show was a chat-show with renowned individuals above fifty years of age from various walks of life. Moreover, Dr. Anisuzzaman was the standby host of Munier Choudhury's show on books. Also, he used to provide the channel with ideas and thoughts. Renowned actor Golam Mustafa was about to start a show on poetry of rain. Dr. Anisuzzaman stepped in and suggested that the show could start with the first verse from the poem “Meghdut”. Indeed, the show started with “Meghdut”.  

Shafiq Rehman taking an interview
Shafiq Rehman taking an interview

After the Liberation war Dr. Anisuzzaman was involved with quite a few TV shows. On the day poet Nazrul lslam passed away Dr. Anisuzzaman hosted an evening show in in tribute to the rebel poet. In recent times, Dr. Anisuzzaman shocked many when he was seen at the rehearsal of a movie called “Wrong Number”. But, after independence, he hosted a great TV programs on cinema. It was a talk show on Zahir Raihan, in which famous director Alamgir Kabir participated. It is sad but true that Dr. Anisuzzaman doesn't contribute to television anymore.

Dr. Anisuzzaman
Dr. Anisuzzaman

Many others like Dr. Anisuzzaman can be mentioned: Dr. Mohd. Moniruzzaman, Dr. Ashraf Siddiquee, Hedayet Hossain Morshed, Syed Salahuddin Zaki, Mahbub Zamil, Shafiq Rehman, Dr. Alauddin Al Azad and Abu Hena Mustapha Kamal. They are assets of our nation. But when they were in front of the camera, they appeared like any other TV-show participants.

Abdullah Abu Sayeed published a book called, “Amar Uposthapok Jibon (my life as a TV host)”. On the book-launching event many who worked for television were invited to convey their remembrances. On that day, Mustafa Monowar said that since there are all types of programs on TV, why can't there be a program on just speaking – literally, just speaking on rostrum? Mustafa Nurul Islam was selected as the host of the show. Mustafa Monowar added, “There should be programs which will not be watched by the audience. A program that will make the audience shut off their TV sets”.

Munier Choudhury
Munier Choudhury

With much doubt and confusion, Mustafa Nurul Islam really did start a TV program. With the title “Muktodhara”, became one of the most popular programs on TV. It was later telecasted by ATN Bangla.

Television was so popular because of proper planning on what the audience wants. It was so popular that people of our neighbouring country used to set up their antenna on the tallest bamboo to watch BTV. From a very small space, BTV managed to touch the hearts of its huge audience. It was only possible because of the dedication and indomitable inspiration of all artistes and crew of BTV.

To be continued…
The writer is Managing Director, Channel i
Translated by Zia Nazmul Islam

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, August 16, 2014

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