• Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Why we cannot abandon Afghanistan

THE recent spate of suicide bombings across Afghanistan remind us that the Taliban-al-Qaeda forces are alive and well, and are becoming increasingly active as the time for the Nato withdrawal nears. The suicide car bomb attacks on July 15 in a market place and a mosque in Paktika province claimed 89 lives, mostly women and children. The attacks are aimed at creating panic and despondency among the Afghans who had, despite Taliban threat, held the third presidential election on...


Defeat Talibanisation

I find it strange that New Delhi is not seriously considering the pros and cons of what happens once the American and Nato forces reduce their presence in Afghanistan only by a few thousand troops. US Secretary of State Kerry has visited Kabul to devise the policy after the withdrawal. But New Delhi is not in the picture. No doubt, the Afghans have the best goodwill towards India because it has helped them to set up hospitals, schools and build...


Ranking of the country, Afghan vote auditing ...

FRAGILE States Index authored by the US-based Fund for Peace and published by Foreign Policy (FP) has ranked countries based on “an annual snapshot of their vitality and stability (or lack thereof).” It is the same research body that used to bring out Failed States Index. Now they have changed the name of the project into Fragile States Index, thinking that “fragility puts the emphasis on human beings” more than the states. Methodology, however, remains the same. The study has...

Top Bangladeshi UN official resigns

Top Bangladeshi UN official resigns

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says Ameerah Haq is stepping down as the UN undersecretary-general in charge of providing logistics and support for the more than 100,000 UN peacekeepers deployed around the world, Indian news agency PTI reports. Ban expressed “tremendous gratitude” to Haq on Tuesday “for her outstanding service” during a 38-year UN career which...

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan kill 13

A roadside bombing targeting police officers and an attack on a convoy of de-miners killed at least 13 people in Afghanistan, authorities said Friday, separate attacks blamed on the Taliban ahead of foreign troops withdrawing from the country. In the western province of Ghor, seven police officers died in the roadside bombing Thursday in Charsada district, provincial Gov. Sayed Anwar Rahmati said. Rahmati said the blast was followed by a four-hour gunbattle between Taliban fighters and police officers that killed...

Nato troops among 16 dead in Afghanistan attack

Nato troops among 16 dead in Afghanistan attack

A suicide bomber has killed 16 people - including four Nato soldiers - in an attack on the outskirts of Bagram air base in north-eastern Afghanistan. Ten civilians and two police officers were also reportedly killed in the attack on a clinic near the largest US base in the country. The attack comes amid tension...

Taliban attack Kabul oil tankers

Taliban attack Kabul oil tankers

Attackers set fire to hundreds of fuel tanker trucks in a parking lot on the outskirts of the Afghan capital, witnesses said Saturday, prompting angry drivers to block a major highway to demand reimbursement for their losses. Hundreds of other drivers stood by helplessly on Saturday morning, unable to salvage any property as flames...

Modi pitches for Saarc satellite

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday asked the country's space scientists to develop a South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) satellite to benefit the neighbouring countries. "We have done a lot (in space science) but the heart wants more. I have proposed to our scientists that they develop a Saarc satellite. This will help all our neighbours," Modi said while congratulating the scientists of Indian Space Research Organisation on the launch of a rocket carrying five satellites at Sriharikota...

Pakistani jets kill 17 in anti-militant offensive

Pakistani jets killed 17 militants in the latest raid on rebel hideouts in the country's restive northwest, officials said yesterday. The planes bombarded hideouts in the Dargamandi and Chashma Gaon areas of North Waziristan late Friday, as aid agencies geared up relief efforts for refugees fleeing the military operation. Nearly half a million people have fled the offensive in North Waziristan which is aimed at wiping out longstanding militant strongholds in the area, which borders Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of families have...

Taliban militants ‘killed’ for chopping voters' fingers

Taliban militants ‘killed’ for chopping voters' fingers

Afghan security forces say they have killed two Taliban insurgents accused of cutting off the ink-stained fingers of a group of elders who voted in Saturday's presidential election. The elderly men were seized after voting in western Herat province, and then mutilated. All voters must dip a finger into ink to register their ballot. Although the...

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